How Do I Figure Out Sales Tax ?  

Sales tax is a very important aspect of understanding which makes an individual’s planning simpler when buying any item. Or else there is a chance of getting shocked when you get to know the actual cost of the item you are buying. Prior calculation is very important and this needs simple mathematics.

Just go through the advice as written below to calculate sales tax effortlessly.

Sales tax for each state or city you are shopping is usually available at US Federal government’s Tax administration’s web site. You will realize that few cities have sales tax more than rest of the state. Additionally, to know the sales tax, you could request any sales person or go through any receipt of an item which has already been bought.

Now let us see the calculation of sales tax of any specified item with an example.

To compute the sales tax on any item which you would like to buy, exercise simple mathematics. Make use of a calculator and multiply the price of the specified item with the state or city sales tax and then divide the result by a hundred.

For example, if an item costs $25 and the city sales tax is 10 percent%, then the sales tax on the item will be $2.5 (25 * 10 / 100 =2.5). So the total amount to pay will be $27.5 (Result is by adding both the original cost of the item and the calculated sales tax on that item).

For a number of items, just add the value of each and multiply the total amount with the sales tax and finally add both.

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How Do I Figure Out Sales Tax

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How Do I Figure Out Sales Tax ? )
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