Sale Tax Calculator  

Sales tax can be deducted from your total tax with the use of sales tax calculator which can be fund on IRS website. However you can only claim either the state and local income taxes or state and local salestaxes. You cannot claim both. The Form 1040 as well as the itemize deductions on Schedule A has both these options available.

You need to save your receipts of purchases throughout the year which you can add up and claim that amount.

In case you have forgotten to save your receipts, you still can claim state and local sales taxes by filling the worksheet and using the optional general sales tax tables in the Instructions for Schedule A in form 1040. However, the easier way is to use the sales tax deduction calculator.

The sales tax deduction calculator has readily available online questions and once you have answered all and entered the required data, the system calculates everything and tells you the amount of possible general sales tax you are entitled to claim.

For this, firstly you need to select the financial year in which you want the claim, then use the ZIP code and make use of few options from your draft Form 1040. The sales tax deduction calculator will by design will calculate the amount of state sales tax and local sales tax you are entitled to claim.

Even if you have changed your residence and the local sales tax has changed the calculator can still account for all that. And the best part of is your details will be erased once you exit or start afresh.

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Sale Tax Calculator

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