Buying A Property At Tax Sale  

In order to purchase a property at tax sale, one must keep his eyes and ears open. It requires lot of patience to handle such types of property issues therefore keep all your homework done before you step into this. It is advisable to take assistance of a property lawyer who can help you in understanding the issue better and also will have certain valuable contacts to get rid of any problems coming up in the deal.More...

What Is A Tax Lien Sale ?

What Is A Tax Lien Sale

For many years the United State government has charged taxes against real estate property. The income generated through real estate property tax helps the government to carry out expenses on public services such as hospitals, schools, law enforcements, maintenance and construction of roads, public amenities like park, library, playgrounds etc. In the event of failure of payment of tax, the government incurs a loss and does not get the required capital to function.More...



Sale Tax Calculator

Sale Tax Calculator

Sales tax can be deducted from your total tax with the use of sales tax calculator which can be fund on IRS website. However you can only claim either the state and local income taxes or state and local salestaxes. You cannot claim both. The Form 1040 as well as the itemize deductions on Schedule A has both these options available.More...



How Do I Figure Out Sales Tax ?

How Do I Figure Out Sales Tax

Sales tax is a very important aspect of understanding which makes an individual’s planning simpler when buying any item. Or else there is a chance of getting shocked when you get to know the actual cost of the item you are buying. Prior calculation is very important and this needs simple mathematics.More...



How Do Tax Sale Properties Work ?

How Do Tax Sale Properties Work

Tax sale property allows the purchaser to invest money on paying back the tax debts which are due against a real estate property. This is one form of generating lost income by the government. When a property holder becomes unable to pay the due taxes against the said property, the state government sells its tax liens authority to the general public under an auction.More...





How do i figure out sales tax? - Buying a property at tax sale - What is a tax lien sale?



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How do i figure out sales tax? - Buying a property at tax sale - What is a tax lien sale? )
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