Check My Tax Refund Online  

You may check your tax refund status in different ways. It actually depends on what form you had used for filing the tax return and by which method you had submitted your form. IRS claims that those forms which are sent electronically normally takes seven days to process so, in order to get the refund it may take another seven more days. Hence, in total for an electronically filed tax return, the refund could be expected after two weeks.

Now, for those tax returns which have been sent via mail it would generally take four to six week to process them and therefore the delivery of the refund amount may further extend to one to two more weeks which ultimately makes approximately eight weeks.

In the official website of IRS, the status of refund can be accessed in just few minutes if the tax return was submitted before the deadline of 15th April. IRS has provided a tool for knowing the status of refund through the “Where’s My Refund” option. One can easily make queries related to refund through this option. The system would ask you to give the social security number and some other information pertaining to your income tax. After entering all the necessary information, you would get the tax refund amount on your screen in just few minutes.

IRS sometimes comes across few problems related to undeliverable addresses. If such is the case, you need to give your address again to the IRS, and it will take another three weeks to deliver your refund check. You may also utilize the service of toll free IRS number for getting information related your refund amount.

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Check My Tax Refund Online

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