Contesting Traffic Violations Tickets  

A traffic violation is an offense and all states in the US have a legal procedure to follow when a person breaks a traffic rule. However, the person has the option of contesting traffic violations that he or she is accused of.

Here is the legal procedure for contesting traffic violation tickets:


Usually when you get a traffic violation ticket, you pay a fine. In case the fine is not paid, the person has to be present in court. Here he has the option of pleading guilty or not guilty. If the person pleads not guilty, the judge sets a date for the trial. This is known as arraignment.

This is the time to bring to the court's notice any problems with the traffic violation ticket. For instance, the name on the ticket may be wrong, the charge may not be listed or the information about the person may be incorrect. Once you draw the judge's attention to this fact, your case will be dismissed on technicality.


Before the trial starts, the defendant can request for evidence that will be used against him. This would be the time to have an experienced attorney at your side who can sift through the evidence and even produce counter-evidence to refute what is submitted by the police.

At the trial the prosecutor will present the case first by calling witnesses and the police officer who issued the traffic violation ticket. The defendant's attorney is allowed to cross-examine the witnesses and also present the counter-evidence. The defendant is allowed to present his own witnesses who will be cross-examined by the prosecutor.


After hearing the evidence of the prosecutor and the defendant's attorney, the judge makes his verdict and may also give the reason for giving the verdict. If the defendant is found not guilty of the traffic violation, he can leave the court a free man. However, if he is found guilty, he has to wait for the judge to pass the sentence. Usually the sentence is in the form of a fine and paying the costs associated with the trial.

If the defendant is unhappy with the verdict, he has the right to appeal and the appealing process can begin immediately after the trial is over.

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Contesting Traffic Violations Tickets

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