Costs And Fees Of Traffic Violations Washington Law  

Traffic infractions can be defined as any human action/activity that go against a state or municipality traffic laws. Traffic violations can endanger your life and livelihood, increased insurance premium, and cause your driving license to be revoked so that you lose your driving privileges.

Traffic violations can be broadly divided into two categories major and minor violations. Minor traffic violations include parking vehicles at wrong places, driving vehicles beyond the legal speed limit, failing to stop at signal, and not wearing seat belt. Major traffic violations include reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Minor traffic violations are treated as misdemeanor charges wherein the offender invariably pays a fine and is not subjected to incarceration. However, conviction for major traffic violations could result into suspension of driving license for certain period of time, heavy fines, jail time, or even a sentence to state prison.

In most states, if you are convicted for major traffic violations such as driving under influence (DUI) or fleeing away from accident spot, it is treated as felony and could result in:

  • One year jail term and $5,000 fine.
  • Suspension or revocation of driving license.
  • Alcohol/rdrug rehabilitation treatment
  • Two or more years of formal or informal probation
  • The installation of an ignition interlocks system on your vehicle
  • Community service

Minimum mandatory penalty for major traffic violations is usually determined by the legislature. The judges have to mete out the mandatory minimum penalties but they have the discretion of imposing harsher penalties if they see fit. Basically it depends on the traffic violation and the damage, injury or fatality the violation has caused. For example, when a judge imposes punishment for DUI, the judge will first determine if you had any prior convictions for DUI, or hit and run case or for first degree felony such as rash driving or negligent driving or an out-of-state conviction for any of the aforementioned offenses. Even if you did not have any prior conviction and you were caught driving drunk with young passengers or you caused a serious accident, then it is considered as a special case and the judge may impose a stronger fine or sentence that may exceeds minimum mandatory jail term for driving under influence.

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Costs And Fees Of Traffic Violations Washington Law

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