Federal Laws For Testing Of Traffic Signal Conflict  

Traffic signals also known as traffic lights and signs play an important role in city’s transportation network. Traffic signals are generally installed at road intersection, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

For safety reasons, each traffic signal is equipped with “conflict monitors” that is placed in traffic signal controller cabinet. A conflict monitor is an electronic device, completely independent of the controller that watches the signal operate. It does this by monitoring a number of conditions, including the voltage to the bulbs in the heads. If any error occurs in the traffic signal, the conflict monitor automatically detects the error and shuts down the traffic lights at that intersection.

Usually a conflict monitor tester is used to detect any error that occurs in traffic signal controller cabinet. The conflict monitor tester tests and monitors the voltages that are leaving the cabinet on the field wires that runs to the lamps in the signal heads for any problem, such as voltage fluctuations, accuracy of timings of red or yellow light, clearance intervals, or the worst case scenario of conflicting greens or green walks which would lead to serious vehicle versus vehicle or vehicle versus pedestrian accidents.

Federal laws of most jurisdictions required under its signal maintenance agreement with department of transportation, to test conflict monitors inside its traffic signal twice yearly, and after any accident involving fatality. This testing is liability defense in the event that accidents occur due to equipment malfunction as stated in judicial proceedings. The testing generally includes, physical testing (this will involve testing of equipment and cabinet wiring), functional testing (functional testing include checking of electronic circuits and circuit breakers), and environmental testing, which involves checking the ability of devices to operate under different environmental conditions and temperature.

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Federal Laws For Testing Of Traffic Signal Conflict

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Federal Laws For Testing Of Traffic Signal Conflict )
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