How Do You Obtain A Copy Of Traffic Violations ?  

On many occasions the frustration of getting a traffic ticket is so intense that the ticket recipients throw away or tear off the traffic ticket to release their anger over the imminent penalties or convictions that he may have to face.

But the reverse of your ticket contains information such as your name, vehicle number, location, date, time and specifics of your violations. You must respond promptly to the ticket to prevent suspension of your driving privileges.

If you have recently torn off or misplaced the traffic ticket, here are the ways of retrieving a copy of your traffic ticket.

Contact the local police department and provide necessary information such as date, time and location of traffic infraction as well as the name of the police agency that issued the ticket, if you know, and request for a copy of traffic ticket. Explain to them that you have lost or misplaced the original ticket and require a duplicate of your traffic ticket to prepare for your case.

Go to the clerk window to request a copy of your traffic ticket. If you do not know the name of the police officer who issued the ticket, you can contact the courthouse of the jurisdiction where you received the ticket. The request must be paid before the bail due date to avoid the issuance of warrant. Some jurisdictions charge a nominal proceedings fee for issuance of duplicate ticket.

You may also informally visit district attorney office or sheriff's place and explain your dilemma and ask them to note your name and address and drivers license number if ticket appears there for prosecution. Sending a letter or email is not as effective as talking to someone personally.

If you fail to retrieve a copy of your ticket or the information on it and within that time you receive a warrant for your arrest or suspension for drivers’ license, your documented effort to locate a copy of the ticket may persuade the court to re-open your case and provide a means of relief.

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How Do You Obtain A Copy Of Traffic Violations

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How Do You Obtain A Copy Of Traffic Violations ? )
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