Laws About Cops Hiding To Catch Traffic Violations  

There are different ways of monitoring speeding vehicles depending upon the location and amount of traffic flow. One way to accomplish this task is to have a traffic enforcement staff or traffic cop hide with speed monitoring equipment. The hiding place can be in bushes, behind a building, billboards or any other unknown place from where the officer is not visible.

Speed monitoring can also be done by using hidden cameras. The cameras are designed to catch drivers exceeding the maximum speed limit within a particular location. Cameras can be installed almost anywhere right on the top of the building or in the bushes. These cameras are used to catch traffic violators and vehicles traveling at an excessive speed. Camera enforcement speed traps or manual speed traps allow fines to be levied on speeding motorist. The clear and visible picture in camera can also be used as factual evidence in the court that the driver was driving his vehicle at an excessive speed.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), a leading organization for developing police code in England, Wales and Ireland, states that traffic officers performing speed checks should do so from a position that is clearly visible to public. So, if you see a traffic officer hiding behind a bush or working from inside an unmarked transit van,  tell him or her that their act is going against the ACPO guidelines and do not forget to take down the name, number and contact details of their chief officer so that you can write a letter of complaint about the cops conduct.

ACPO guidelines also clearly state that hidden speed cameras are against the police code of practice. It further says that traffic enforcement staff should only use speed-monitoring device for catching speeding vehicles and the device should be normally installed at such positions from where they will be clearly visible to the public. This means that traffic police is not supposed to aim the device indiscriminately at all of the passing traffic in an attempt to catch one of the speeding vehicles.

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Laws About Cops Hiding To Catch Traffic Violations

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Laws About Cops Hiding To Catch Traffic Violations )
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