List Of Traffic Violations  

Traffic infractions can be broadly divided into two categories and they are minor traffic law violations that can be settled by paying fines, and major traffic law violations that cannot be settled by paying fines and require court appearance.

Some of minor traffic violations that can be settled by paying fines are listed below:

Offence                                               Fine                 Court cost                   Total fine

Clinging to vehicle                                 $50.00             $24.50                         $74.50             
Improper child restraint                         $25.00             $24.50                         $ 49.50
Encroaching on private property            $50.00             $24.50                         $74.50
Having defect in headlight                      $25.00             $24.50                         $49.50
or brake light
Driving on closed road                          $50.00             $24.50                         $74.50
Faulty exhaust pipe                  $30.00             $24.50                         $54.50
Driving on sidewalk                              $50.00             $24.50                         $74.50
Driving through funeral procession         $100.00           $24.50                         $124.50
Driving on unpaved property                 $50.00             $24.50                         $74.50
Driving beyond speed limit                    $50.00             $24.50                         $74.50
No insurance                                        $100.00           $24.50                         $124.50
No helmet                                            $30.00             $24.50                         $54.50
No seat belt                                          $10.00             $0.00                           $10.00
Obstructing traffic                                 $75.00             $24.50                         $99.50
Weaving                                               $100.00           $24.50                         $124.50
Wrong way construction zone               $100.00           $24.50                         $124.50

Some major traffic infractions that cannot be settled by paying fines and requires court appearance are:

  • Driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other mental stimulants.
  • Driving the vehicle recklessly or carelessly on the road in a way that endangers life of people and properties.
  • Fleeing from accident spot after injuring a person
  • Driving vehicle after suspension of license.

Driving a vehicle without obtaining a driving license from concerned authority is a felony that may result in fine up to $5,000, jail probation, or confiscation of your license.

Most traffic infractions carry violation points. The points will be added to your record from the date the first traffic infraction occurred. If your violation points total up to 11 or more in 18 months, then your license may be revoked or suspended.

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List Of Traffic Violations

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