Consequences Of Drunk Driving  

If you want to drink and drive, then you should be prepared to face the consequences. Drivers who drink and drink are at a greater risk of being involved in accidents, suffering from injuries and also death. Remember, alcohol impairs your senses and your ability to react fast

So, what are the consequences of drunk driving? If the person survives the accident or incident, he has to face legal action and punishment. The first thing that the person will be subject to is blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test either through a breath, blood or urine test. Usually the breath test is carried out at the place of incident by the arresting police officer. This is the fastest way to measure a person's blood alcohol concentration level.

Once there is conclusive evidence that the person was driving under the influence of alcohol, his license will be suspended for a certain period of time which can be anywhere from one week to years. Usually the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration level is 0.08.

A person convicted of drunk driving has to pay fines, sometimes in thousand of dollars, has to pay increased vehicle insurance cost, lose time from work, and pay attorney's fees in addition to court costs. However, the penalties for drunk driving vary from state to state so the person may have to bear other consequences than those stated afore.

Most states in the US have zero tolerance laws where underage drunk drivers are concerned. Youngsters under the age of 21 if convicted of drunk driving stand to lose their license for an entire year. In addition, these youngsters can be tried and convicted as adults.

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Consequences Of Drunk Driving

Drunk-Driving-Accidents-Facts      Drunk driving is one of the main causes of road accidents and motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Usually the drunk driver suffers grievous injuries and at times drunk driving can also be fatal. However, besides causing harm and injury to himself, a drunk driver also puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk. More..




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Consequences Of Drunk Driving )
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