Drunk Driving Accidents Facts  

Drunk driving is one of the main causes of road accidents and motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Usually the drunk driver suffers grievous injuries and at times drunk driving can also be fatal. However, besides causing harm and injury to himself, a drunk driver also puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Here are some drunk driving accident facts that will shock many people.

  • In the United States, drunk driving kills one person every 39 minutes and injures a person every 2 minutes.
  • An estimated 10 percent of vehicular accidents are due to the consumption of alcohol.
  • Approximately 40 percent of Americans are involved at least once their lifetime in alcohol-related vehicular accidents.
  • In 2005, 414 children 14 years and below were passengers in cars and died in driving accidents. Out of these, more than half the children were riding with drunk drivers.
  • The cost of drunk driving accidents is very high for the nation at $73 billion.
  • Youngsters who drink and drive are more susceptible of being in accidents compared to adults.
  • The average blood alcohol concentration found in fatally injured drivers is approximately 0.16.
  • It has been seen that nearly 12.8 percent of fatally injured and drunk drivers used their safety belts compared to 33 percent of drivers who were sober and still died in driving accidents.
  • More men are involved in serious car accidents compared to women and not all these men drive under the influence of alcohol.

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Drunk Driving Accidents Facts

Drunk-Driving-Accidents      Drunk driving accidents occur when drivers decide to operate their motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol. Usually the alcohol consumption by these drivers is so high that it impairs their mental and motor skills. Drunk driving is illegal in all the states of the United States. More..




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