How Do I Calculate Pain And Suffering ?  

If you want to know how to calculate pain and suffering, then you are in for a tricky issue.

When you have had a car accident, the insurance company requires you to get a written document that states any and all claims against the person that caused the damages and injuries to you. And, you must be compensated by the insurance adjuster adequately.In the case of an accident, you are entitled to two types of damages. Firstly, special damages like medical bills, wage loss, medicine, etc, and secondly, general damages like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, physiological injuries, etc. It is relatively easy to calculate the special damages because medical bill or wage loss or other medical expenses can be quantified without any arguments or ambiguity.

However, calculating or quantifying general damages like pain and suffering, can be very difficult. The calculations are subjective and hence, are debatable.

There are no laws or rules or formulas to calculate the value of the injury. There are only rules of thumb. Usually, personal injury attorneys use the medical bills or all "special damages" as a way to calculate general damages. Some randomly multiply the special damages cost by a factor two, others by three or even four times, depending on your jurisdiction. This is usually argued upon by the insurance adjuster as an inaccurate way to calculate pain and suffering.

However, the random multiplication cannot always be justified. Take the example of a teenage girl who suffers a cut on her face, leaving a blemish from her eye to her chin. The medical bills for stitches and cleaning the wound may not be high, but the psychological injury of growing up with a scar could be worth more than three or four times the value of the bills.

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How Do I Calculate Pain And Suffering

How-Much-Is-Pain-And-Suffering-Worth      It is nearly impossible to quantify or measure pain and suffering. Hence, its worth is difficult to determine. There are no rules or formulas to quantify pain and suffering. The physiological effects can vary from person to person. It is highly subjective. Usually, the personal injury attorneys use the medical bill or hard costs as a yardstick to calculate the pain and suffering cost or the general damages cost. More..




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How Do I Calculate Pain And Suffering ? )
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