What Is Pain And Suffering ?  

Certain medical websites define pain and suffering as the stress, physical and emotional, that is caused due to an injury.

In the day to day context, pain and suffering are used interchangeably. In fact, most people associate pain with the physical discomfort, and suffering with mental agony or discomfort.Although, technically, suffering alone can be classified as physical or mental that occurs due to an injury. If the injury has been caused by another person, then the victim is entitled to claim compensation for the damages, including for that of pain and suffering.

A few of the damages that can be listed under this category are aches, temporary and permanent limitations on activity, potential shortening of life, depression or scarring. When filing a case or lawsuit as a result of an injury, the victim is well within his rights to claim compensation for actual amount for the treatment of the injury, and for the pain, suffering and stress related to almost any injury.

In a lawsuit, pain and suffering can be defined as a component of "compensatory" non economic damages that provides for the recovery from the mental distress and/or physical pain suffered as a result of injury for which the claimant is seeking the compensation for.

Nevertheless, it is that part of the damages that is very difficult to quantify. The pain and suffering can vary from person to person, and from injury to injury. Most claims are based on the individual’s perception of pain and suffering. The "general damages" claimed by people for the same injury can be different. The claims can be affected by the age, gender, nature of work done by the person, working ability, lifestyle and a lot of other factors.

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What Is Pain And Suffering

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