What Does A Parking Ticket Look Like ?  

A traffic ticket is issued by the traffic police when the drivers violate traffic laws and rules. There are primarily two types of traffic tickets. One for a moving violation and is issued when a driver exceeds the speed limit; and the other is for a non-moving violation like a parking ticket.

A parking ticket is primarily issued when a driver parks his vehicle unlawfully or when the driver allows the parking meter to expire. When a driver contests a parking ticket, the case is invariably heard in courts designated for traffic cases.

Nearly all drivers get parking tickets at some time in their lifetime. However, there might be people who have never been issued a parking ticket and would be curious to know what a parking ticket looks like.

In most cities, the traffic police officer has a hand-held portable device which has a keyboard and has the ability to print out information. This device is connected through satellite to main computer framework of the police and as a traffic police feeds information into the device, it also gets uploaded into the main computer framework. The printed information that comes out from this hand-held device is a ticket, which is issued for moving and non-moving traffic violations.

A parking ticket is approximately 6 to 8 inches in length and looks quite similarly to a check-out receipt that you get at a grocery store. When the police officer issues the ticket, he also gives you a self-addressed envelope or places these under windshield wiper of the vehicle. The envelope is for people who want to pay parking violation by snail mail.

A parking ticket will have the following information:

  • The court and the name of the county
  • Details of the state, city, village, township
  • Case number
  • The location where the ticket was issued
  • Name of the offender, address
  • Issued date of the license
  • Expiry date of the license
  • Date of birth of the offender
  • Social Security Number of the offender
  • Physical appearance of the offender
  • The name of the vehicle, model number, color
  • The amount that the offender has to pay for parking violation
  • There will be information on what parking rule the person violated
          Often when the person is not present, then details of the offender are not mentioned on the parking ticket. This means personal and confidential details of the person will not be mentioned on the parking ticket.

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What Does A Parking Ticket Look Like

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