Example Of How To Dispute A Parking Ticket


      Parking tickets are unavoidable for people living or working in a suburban environment. Parking in any city is very difficult given the scarcity of parking space. And, most people look for the closest and most convenient spots for parking their vehicles without taking into account whether they are allowed to park in that area or not.


However, not all parking tickets issued are on valid grounds. Sometimes, they are issued by mistake because the issuing police officer believes that a parking violation has been committed. Under these circumstances, a person can dispute a parking ticket.More...



Paying Parking Tickets Online

Paying Parking Tickets Online

Parking tickets are a nuisance for every driver especially because finding an appropriate parking space in any city is becoming next to impossible. Nobody likes to receive a parking ticket and it is worse when you are expected to pay.

Those of you who are thinking of not paying for the parking tickets you have received, think twice. If you do not pay a parking ticket, you will end up paying additional fines and fees. If you delay still further, your car may get towed or impounded.More...




Sample Letter To Appeal A Parking Ticket

Sample Letter To Appeal A Parking Ticket

People receive parking tickets when they violate parking laws or end up parking illegally. It means paying an unnecessary fine for parking a vehicle in a restricted place or parking in an unauthorized place or manner.

However, it has been seen that not every parking ticket is issued correctly. Sometimes, police officers feel that the parking is not conforming to the laws and they issue a parking ticket. However, in this case the police officers are mistaken and you can appeal against a parking ticket.More...





Example of how to dispute a parking ticket - Paying parking tickets online

What-Does-A-Parking-Ticket-Look-Like      A traffic ticket is issued by the traffic police when the drivers violate traffic laws and rules. There are primarily two types of traffic tickets. One for a moving violation and is issued when a driver exceeds the speed limit; and the other is for a non-moving violation like a parking ticket. More..




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Example of how to dispute a parking ticket - Paying parking tickets online )
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