Average Cost Of A Speeding Ticket  

The maximum number of speeding tickets are issued in the states of New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Although one cannot find any national statistics on how much drivers in the US spend on speeding tickets, it can be assumed that the figure would definitely run into millions of dollars.

So, what could the average cost of a speeding ticket be? The average cost of a speeding ticket including court fees is approximately $150. However, that is not all that a person has to shell out. The other effect of speeding ticket is on insurance and a person could well be an additional $300 for the next three years on insurance costs. In addition, if the person decides to dispute a speeding ticket, he would have to hire the services of an attorney which again costs money. Therefore, just taking into consideration the average cost of a speeding ticket is not enough.

Many states in the US get a lot of revenue through speeding ticket fines and that would explain why states make it easier to pay a speeding ticket fine than fighting or disputing it.

According to figures available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speed means more accidents, more deaths and more damage to national and personal property. In fact, in the US, around $40.3 billion are spent on accidents related to speeding.

No doubt the cost of a speeding ticket will end up making a sizeable dent in your pocket but the amount you will be paying depends on the state laws and rules. Therefore, do not assume that the average cost of a speeding ticket is what you would end up paying. Also, do take into consideration other costs that will crop up due to the speeding ticket, especially the cost connected with higher insurance fees.

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Average Cost Of A Speeding Ticket

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