How To Dispute A Citation For Speeding ?  

When it comes to speeding citation, there are four options available for a person. The person can plead guilty, guilty with an explanation, NoloContender (which means no contest in Latin) or not guilty. These are the only options available even for people who want to dispute a citation for speeding.

Guilty: When a person pleads guilty, he is basically accepting that he was speeding and therefore, he is forced to pay the applicable fine.

Guilty with an explanation: Here the person accepts that he was speeding but has a reasonable explanation for the excessive speed. For instance, a person was driving initially at 55 miles per hour but the surrounding traffic was driving at 70 miles per hour. Therefore, the person was forced to increase and match his speed with the traffic around him to avoid an accident.

NoloContender: Here the person knows that he was speeding but will not accept the fact under any circumstances even if the insurance company raises the insurance as result of the speeding offense.

No guilty: This is the one that helps people the most. Here it does not mean that the person was not speeding. All it means that that the prosecution was not able to prove that you committed the offense. The burden of proving always depends on the prosecution and not the offender.

How To Dispute A Citation For Speeding ?:

There first thing to check is your speedometer. It could be that you feel you were wrongly issued a speeding ticket when your speedometer was displaying one speed and the police officer's speed measuring device another.

Take your car to a garage and get the speedometer checked. In case the speedometer is faulty, make sure you get a certificate from the garage. You will need this in the court when you plead not guilty.

When you appear in court, even the police officer who issued the ticket has to be present with all the relevant documents and evidence. When it is your turn, present your side of the story and also present the certificate about the faulty speedometer.

You can also dispute a citation for speeding on the grounds that you were required to increase your speed in order to avoid an accident. Usually drivers tend to speed when the car behind them starts tailgating. However, this excuse has rarely won in court and judges are usually not sympathetic towards it.

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How To Dispute A Citation For Speeding

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