Speeding Ticket Statistics  

Practically any and everyone has been stopped at least once in their lifetime for speeding. Whether you get a speeding ticket is a different matter altogether but the fact remains that speeding tickets are an important source of revenue for most states in the United States.

Here are some speeding ticket statistics that you might be interested to know:

  • More than 100,000 drivers receive speeding tickets each day in the US. If one does simple math, it works out to a whopping 41,000,000 speeding tickets annually.
  • One in every six people gets a speeding ticket.
  • The average cost of a speeding ticket is approximately $150 and this works out to a mammoth $6 billion annually in speeding ticket fines.
  • The average increase in insurance for one speeding ticket over a period of 3 years is around $900. This means that the insurance industry makes around $36.9 billion just on speeding tickets alone.
  • Majority of people (that is 95 percent) pay the fine associated with speeding tickets without contesting them. However, there are 5 percent people who make an effort to dispute and fight speeding tickets with the hope of getting the case dismissed, receiving reduced fines or of not getting the ticket mentioned in their driving record.
  • More women tend to fight speeding tickets compared to men. However, more men than women receive speeding tickets.
  • In nearly 30 percent to 50 percent of speeding ticket cases, the police fail to turn up for the hearing leading to the case being dismissed and the driver going scot-free.
  • The first known speeding ticket was issued in 1910 to the wife of the then Prime Minister of Canada.
  • More than any other professionals, it is doctors who receive the maximum number of speeding tickets.

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Speeding Ticket Statistics

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Speeding Ticket Statistics )
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