What Is The Law In On Speeding Offenses ?  

Practically all roads in a city have a speed limit, which is the maximum speed at which drivers can drive their cars. If a person drives above the speed limit, he is a breaking the law on speeding. These limits have been set to ensure road safety not just for drivers but also for people who might be walking along the roads.

However, speed limits are not always adhered to and the main reason is that speed limits can be subjective. In other words, a prescribed speed limit may offer the best speed to drive a vehicle on a particular road. Invariably drivers have to take into consideration the speed of other cars while driving and accordingly adjust their speed.

Speed limits vary from state to state and there are different speed limits for different types of roads like highways, limited access roads and interstates. Therefore, the law on speeding varies from state to state and from road to road. However, in general the law in most states for speeding set the speed limit between 65 mph and 75 mph.

The law on speeding offenses is very clear. If a person is caught speeding, he or she is issued with a citation for speeding, also known as a speeding ticket. The person has two options -- one to pay the fine and the other is fight the ticket in the traffic court. However, most people just prefer to pay the fine rather than spend time and money on fighting the ticket.

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What Is The Law In On Speeding Offenses

Average-Cost-Of-A-Speeding-Ticket      The maximum number of speeding tickets are issued in the states of New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Although one cannot find any national statistics on how much drivers in the US spend on speeding tickets, it can be assumed that the figure would definitely run into millions of dollars. More..




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What Is The Law In On Speeding Offenses ? )
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