Beating A Stop Sign Ticket  

It is quite possible at some time or the other in your driving history, you must have skipped a stop sign. Nearly all drivers do it either out of necessity or out of sheer ignorance. But if Lady Luck is not on your side, then you might just be getting yourself a stop sign ticket.

Here are is how you can beat a stop sign ticket. Remember, the process of betting a stop sign ticket may differ from state to state but the basic principle will remain the same.

  • When you are being handed the ticket, make sure you do not acknowledge your mistake. If the police officer asks you, maintain that you were observing all the traffic rules and driving safe.
  • Look at the ticket to see under what traffic code you have been booked.
  • Later arm yourself with a camera and re-visit the location where you received the stop sign ticket. Take photographs of the place where the police officer was. Check to see whether he could clearly see you committing the violation. If his view was obstructed, you will be able to use it in your defense.
  • Make sure the line marking where vehicles have to stop is not faded. If faded, take a photograph of it.
  • Check your stop sign ticket again. Check the wordings and language of the violation in relation to offense. It is quite possible that you may be able to find some discrepancy. 

Now you are armed with all the information required to beat the stop sign ticket. However, it makes more sense to pay the fine and you should only be looking to beat a ticket, if you are certain you have not committed any mistake.

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Beating A Stop Sign Ticket

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