How Many People Die A Year Due To Stop Sign Accidents ?  

Stop signs are installed at junctions, intersections and pedestrian crossings. The signs are primarily installed to avoid accidents and all drivers have to come to a complete halt when they approach a stop sign to ensure that the road they want to take is free. Only then can they proceed further.

Usually drivers tend to obey all traffic signs but stop signs are often not adhered to. Most drivers come to a rolling stop rather than stopping completely. However, what most drivers do not know is that rolling stop is actually against the law. In fact, a rolling stop can be attributed to driver impatience because he or she is eager to get on their way.

According to available statistics, running stop signs and a red light are two of the most common violations committed by drivers. Statistics show that every 111 minutes one pedestrian is killed due to driving negligence, which is caused either due to running a stop sign or not giving the right of the way to pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing.

Out of all the traffic-related deaths that occurred in 1991, 2.6 percent of deaths were caused due to running of a stop sign. It is estimated that in United States, each year, around 5,000 pedestrians are killed and 64,000 injured. Many of the fatalities occur due to stop sign accidents and more fatalities occur in urban areas because of the sheer number of pedestrians and vehicles.

Between 1999 and 2000, 13,627 cars were involved in fatal car accidents. All these accidents were caused because the cars ran stop signs. This should give you an indication about how serious running stop signs can be not just for you, the driver, but also the pedestrian.

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How Many People Die A Year Due To Stop Sign Accidents

Stop-Sign-Vandalism-Charges      A stop sign is usually installed at busy intersections and crossroads to ensure that drivers bring their cars to a complete halt, check whether the coast is clear and only then proceed forward. Unfortunately not all drivers come to a complete stop. Rather they do a rolling stop and this is mainly because they are impatient and do not want to waste time coming to a complete stop. More..




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How Many People Die A Year Due To Stop Sign Accidents ? )
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