Stop Sign Violation  

Stops signs are located at intersections and pedestrian crossing to help prevent accidents. It is obligatory for all drivers to come to a complete halt at a stop sign, check to see that the road ahead is free of oncoming traffic and only then proceed further.

All the states have their own traffic laws and rules and all drivers and pedestrians have to obey these rules and laws. This means following and observing all the traffic signs and signals.

However, people take running a stop sign very lightly. They feel that no harm would come if they do not stop completely. However, this could be a death sentence for a driver who is approaching a sign at 65 mph. Often it is too late for the driver to do anything by the time he realizes his mistake.

Although stop sign violations occur in urban and suburban areas, more accidents and fatalities occur in urban areas due to running of stop signs. This is primarily because there are more vehicles and pedestrians in urban areas. However, the accident to death ratio is higher in suburban area and this because of the speed the drivers drive at.

A stop sign violation is a traffic offense and if you are caught running a stop sign, you will get a ticket. You have the choice of either paying the fine or contesting the ticket. However, if you are at fault, you should pay the fine and then take care not to run a stop sign in future. Your life and other people's lives may depend on this.

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Stop Sign Violation

Why-People-Who-Ran-Stop-Signs      Stop signs are present at intersections so that drivers approaching the sign come to a complete halt, check the road for approaching traffic and only proceed if there is no traffic. Similarly stop signs are also present at certain pedestrian crossings so that people can cross the road without any problems. More..




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