Leading Causes Of Traffic Accidents  

Studies and observations have shown that over 60 percent of motor vehicle accidents invariably involve driver behavior, rather than a mechanical fault with the car or roadway factors.

Some of the leading causes of traffic accident are as follows:

  • Use of cell phones while driving: Chatting and messaging text using cell phones distracts the driver, and this reduces the driver’s response time to any fatality or accident. According to a Harvard University study the use of cell phone while driving causes 200 deaths and half a million injuries in the US each year. In fact, such distracted drivers are four times more likely to cause an accident. Drivers can also get distracted while changing a music CD or tuning a radio or even slowing down to watch what is going on outside.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs: In 2006 alone, nearly 14,000 accidents involved drivers in an inebriated condition. In fact, traffic accidents involving drivers under the influence of alcohol had a higher risk of death or debilitating injury. Illegal drugs reduce a person’s ability to drive to a great extent. Even medication taken to alleviate headache can also vastly impair a person's driving ability.
  • Speeding: Driving at very high speeds gives you very little time to react to a situation. For example, a child running across the road. Most accidents occur due to speeding in residential areas. The faster the vehicle is moving, the more difficult it is to stop.
  • Driver aggression: This is also a leading cause of traffic accidents. A driver can become aggressive due to the actions of the other drivers who resort to aggressive tailgating, making rude gestures, deliberate obstruction, verbal abuse, and sometimes physical assault. This may cause the driver to retort by speeding, making frequent lane changes, and/or disregard traffic rules. However, there are rules to book such offenders.

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Leading Causes Of Traffic Accidents

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Leading Causes Of Traffic Accidents )
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