What Causes Traffic Accidents ?  

There can be several reasons for traffic accidents like mechanical fault with the car, poor roadway maintenance, or driver behavior. Most often, it is seen that the cause of traffic accident is the driver behavior. The driver behavior can be any of the following:

Distraction: Driver can be distracted if he is talking on a cell phone or trying to change a CD, tune a radio, or in conversation with his co-passenger while driving. Distraction reduces the driver’s response time or reaction time. Some driver’s are distracted as they tend to get carried away by the landscapes outside, or when they have slowed the car down to watch some event taking place outside. However, driver distraction due to use of cell phone while driving happens to be one of the main causes for traffic accidents.

Over speeding: When the vehicle is driven at high speeds, it becomes more difficult to bring it to a sudden halt. Most accidents in residential areas are due to speeding, due to which the driver cannot stop the car suddenly.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or even medication for common cold or fever, his driving skills are more likely to be impaired. This increases the risk of accidents.

Disregard for traffic rules: This is another common cause for traffic accidents. Jumping a red light is the most common offence, and the car that jumped the signal is more likely to be involved in a crash with the cars coming from the other direction.

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What Causes Traffic Accidents

Cell-Phone-And-Traffic-Accidents      Several studies and surveys have shown that cell phones are a major cause for car crashes. Although research has shown that the use of a cell phone does not impact a driver’s ability to control his car, enough research has not been done from the distraction point of view. More..




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What Causes Traffic Accidents ? )
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