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    A living will is a legally valid document, a sort of advance medical directive through which somebody expresses his desire to be cared for and treated with a particular medical method and particular procedures one does not want to be treated with in case he becomes terminally ill or falls into a coma.

    The living will also includes the name of person likely to make the decisions on behalf of the patient, what method of treatment one prefers in case of a severe heart attack, whether tube feeding will be administered or not and so on.

      If somebody wants that his surgeon should not apply lifesaving procedures, the law requires that he should authorize the same by way of a legal document and a living will is considered to be one. Taking decisions for treatment is difficult and complex in nature. For this reason, a living will is planned in advance when the person is reasonably fit, healthy and competent enough to choose between medical procedures. It is advisable to decide in advance a particular medical treatment before it becomes too late or before one becomes seriously ill.

      There have been instances when doctors or hospitals have refused to honor a living will and legal actions were taken against them so that the living will of the patient could be enforced. Therefore, living will should be prepared as per the legal requirements of the state where treatment is going on and not as per the rules where one is residing. This can be a difficult thing to do especially if the living will is prepared before the individual falls ill. However, the living will can be changed at any given point.

        If someone wants to give clear instructions on what should happen to him in case he ends up in a serious condition, he should opt to have a living will drafted by a lawyer.

        If you are looking for Free Print Living Will , check out your state bar association website. You can also Download And Print Living Will Forms from However, it is advisable to consult your lawyer to make sure that everything is done properly.




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