Cbt And Substance Abuse Treatment Research

CBT And Substance Abuse Treatment Research

There are various popularly known behavioral treatments which help patients to come out of the drug abuse habit and modify their attitudes, behaviors and also increase their life skills to lead a happy and healthy life.

These behavioral treatments also help the patients to stay in the treatment of drug abuse for a longer time and can enhance the effectiveness of the medications administered to the victim.

Some of the behavioral treatments are given in-house whereas some of them fall into the category of outpatient behavioral treatment. There are varieties of programs that fall into this treatment method where the patients visit the clinic at regular intervals. Most of the programs involve counseling of the individual, a group or sometimes even the family members.

One such popular treatment is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, popularly known as CBT. This program aims at helping the victims to recognize various situations where they are tempted to take drugs and avoid them. The patients are also taught to cope up with this need and slowly come out of the craving for drugs. This form of psychotherapy emphasizes the need to be aware of how we think, how we feel and what we do which when there is craving for substance abuse which is ultimately important to come out of it also.

This therapy is not a distinct technique and has various approaches. It has been found in the recent research that delivering this therapy online actually enhances the results. Widely known as CBT4CBT (Computer-based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), patients go through a set of innovatively designed modules and undergo the treatment online without having to visit clinics. There are various challenges and questions which arise about the effectiveness of the module and also building a relationship with the victim which is a very important factor, but this has become a widespread technique in the recent past.

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Cbt And Substance Abuse Treatment Research