Drug Abuse And Athletes Percentages

Drug Abuse And Athletes Percentages

Drugs are used by certain sportsmen to improve their performance during the actual competition. But this is considered illegal. Most of these drugs are steroids which help in increasing the strength, body mass and also the aggressiveness.

They also help in reducing the time to recover between workouts. Hence, consuming steroids improve the endurance and makes it possible for the people to work harder.

Body builders, athletes, law enforcement officers, body guards and people who are “fitness freaks” consume anabolic steroids to improve their physical strength which increases their competitive advantage and their ability to perform better. It also improves muscle size and their personal appearance and helps in reducing body fat.

In the 1991 survey, about 89 percent of the college athletes consumed alcohol. In 2002, a survey was conducted to find out the ease of getting steroids among school children. The shocking result was that these drugs were quite easy to obtain.

In the recent years, there has been an increase in the level of substance abuse and alcohol consumption especially among college athletes in contrast to the belief that they are more health and fitness conscious. In spite of the warnings and publicity of negative physical and psychological effects, the arrests and death rates due to drug use have only been increasing and have also caught media’s attention.

In addition to the usage of steroids, the other recreational and social drug consumption includes marijuana, hallucinogenic, cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol. These lead to some dangerous consequences like addiction and fatal psychological and health problems.

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Drug Abuse And Athletes Percentages