Slogans Against Drug Abuse

Slogans Against Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a major concern in all the countries and across all communities. Serious efforts are being made to make people understand the ill effects of drug abuse. One of ways to get this message across is by way of slogans.

It is a general tendency that when something is repeatedly said then it may have more impact than saying something just once. This is where the slogans come into place. Some examples of slogans against drug abuse are as follows:

1) Just say no

2) Smoking the dope won’t help you cope

3) Drugs make sick people well. Drugs make well people sick

4) Drugs are a waste of time; they destroy your memory and self respect and everything that goes with self esteem

5) Get high on life, not drugs

6) Drug free is the way to be

7) Up with hope, down with dope

8) Pot makes your brain rot, so let’s not

9) You don’t need Heroin to be a hero

10) Take drug and die like a bug

These slogans are very simple, yet they have the correct message and some of them even are like a slap on the face, because they convey the actual reality and the result of using drugs. However, only these slogans may not be able to release a person from the clutches of drug abuse, a lot more may be needed for that. Slogans against drug abuse may be one of the ways of spreading awareness, but it is not the only way.

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Slogans Against Drug Abuse