What Causes Substance Abuse ?

What Causes Substance Abuse ?

Substance abuse refers to intake of items which are hazardous to health, but it becomes a habit for a person to regularly intake such items. Teens are the most affected by substance abuse. There could be many causes for substance abuse. Some time it is just the company that a teen keeps that may be responsible for his habits.

Many times it is just peer pressure which makes teens start substance abuse. Some times there may be emotional reasons such a feeling of not being loved, depression, low self esteem etc because of which teens may indulge in substance abuse.

Apart from this, the teenagers find substance abuse to be an easy way to escape stress, at home or at school or elsewhere. They feel this might make them feel happy and peaceful. Some times reasons poverty, child abuse, stress in the family and even improper parenting can push teens towards substance abuse. Some times there are no reasons, but it is just simple curiosity which makes the teens start substance abuse, probably because the parents of such teens never thought it necessary to talk to them about the ill effects of such substances.

Whatever may be the causes, all the above mentioned problems are such that they can be easily solved with a little bit of attention and love from the side of the parents. All that the parents need to do is to sit and talk to their children and address their issues without making them feel neglected and thus save them from falling prey to substance abuse.

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What Causes Substance Abuse