Facts About Alcohol Poisoning  

          Alcohol poisoning takes place when you drink more alcohol than your body can process. It has a disastrous effect on the body and its functions and could even cause death.

          Alcohol depresses nerves that control involuntary actions such as breathing and the gag reflex which prevents choking.More...


How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System ?

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System

After alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream, it leaves the body in two ways. 10 percent goes through perspiration, breath and urine. The remainder is broken down through metabolism. The rate at which it is metabolizes is the same for everybody regardless of their weight, height, race or sex.More...


List Of Alcohol Drinks

List Of Alcohol Drinks

There are many alcoholic drinks that are available in the market. However, some alcoholic drinks are more popular than others. Here is a brief list of alcoholic drinks that are popular among people who drink alcohol.More...


Number Of Alcohol Related Deaths Per Year

Number Of Alcohol Related Deaths Per Year

Many find it difficult to accept that alcoholism is a disease -- a chronic, progressive and fatal disease if not treated. Alcohol is a drug; the most commonly used and widely abused psychoactive drug in the world.More...


Treatment For Alcohol Poisoning

Treatment For Alcohol Poisoning

Binge-drinking is the most common cause of alcohol poisoning. Binge drinking means drinking a lot of alcohol in one sitting. So, what are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning that you should look for? Symptoms include the following:More...

Why People Use Alcohol ?

Why People Use Alcohol

Why do people have alcohol? Are most users aware of its drawbacks and are fully conversant that it is bad for the health? What are the reasons that make them behave so? People use alcohol for many different reasons and here are some of the reasons Why People Use Alcohol ?.More...


Can You Bring Alcohol On An Airplane ?

Can You Bring Alcohol On An Airplane

There is no definitive answer to whether a passenger can carry alcohol on a plane. This is a regulation that varies from country to country and from one airline to another. It is however a regulation imposed by most countries. The restriction, when it applies, is mostly for security reasons and applies to all liquids with a few exceptions.More...





Drug Abuse:

Alcohol-Poisoning-Statistics      Although it is known that excessive drinking can be dangerous, many are unaware that it could result in alcohol poisoning as well. Alcohol poisoning can cause irreparable health problems or even be fatal. The eye-opening alcohol statistics below are from a 2005 study at Columbia University. More..




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