Pros And Cons Of Tobacco Use  

Almost all the things in this world have positive and negative effects and the same goes for tobacco as well. While it very easy to mention the consequences of using tobacco which are the cons, there are hardly any pros to it.

What pros can a substance that causes life threatening diseases have? Maybe it does make the user look cool in front of his peers. It probably creates an odd sensation and calms down the users, and then probably the users also get a kick as dopamine is released in the brain.

On the con side, there are loads of them. Firstly tobacco users are at a high risk of getting oral cancer. It can also lead to various other health problems which may be curable or non curable. Apart from this, one’s sex life also goes for a toss, as because of the odor of tobacco just puts off the partner from coming close to you. Apart from this there is the problem of bad breath and discolored and stained teeth associated with tobacco use.

In case of tobacco use, the cons definitely outweigh the pros and anyone who values his and his family’s health should make attempts to quit using tobacco. Quitting the use of smokeless tobacco may actually be more difficult than quitting smoking because the amount of nicotine absorbed is twice as high when compared to smoking and hence, the addiction is also much more severe. But as the saying goes -- Better late than Never, one can start making the effort to quit tobacco use and it will definitely be possible.

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Pros And Cons Of Tobacco Use




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