Elderly Abuse In Nursing Homes

Elderly Abuse In Nursing Homes

No matter how much we love our elders in the family sometimes we are unable to give them certain medical care because of which we have to leave them in nursing homes under the care of the caretakers there.

It may come as a surprise, but the fact is that these elderly people might be suffering abuse in these nursing homes.

One always needs to be aware and should look for certain signs and symptoms that show some kind of abuse. These elderly can be subject to physical or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation and even neglect.  Some of the signs that can make one start thinking on the lines of abuse are as follows:

  • Elders getting cuts and bruises on their body suddenly, along with sprains, burns etc.
  • Some kinds of genital or vaginal infections which occur suddenly
  • Sudden behavioral changes
  • Depression or withdrawal
  • Unusual weight loss and dehydration
  • Unsuitable clothing
  • Unsafe living conditions

Many times the elderly who are suffering these kinds of abuse may not report the abuse to any authorities out of fear of retaliation from the abuser, their main fear being that if they report the abuser, then there may not be anyone to take care of them. Hence, it is very important to be on the watch for any unusual symptoms that the elderly may demonstrate and to get the matter investigated thoroughly. One can even seek the help of elderly abuse lawyers for this.

After all our elderly deserve much better treatment rather than being abused, somewhere by some caregiver.

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Elderly Abuse In Nursing Homes