How To Recognise Verbal Or Emotional Abuse ?

How To Recognise Verbal Or Emotional Abuse ?

Emotional abuse and verbal abuse can constitute of many things, so there cannot be one single thing that would make one identify it, instead there may be a series of such acts which may lead us to believe that it is indeed emotional or verbal abuse that is being exhibited.

To begin with, the first sign of emotional abuse is the abuser blames the victim for every wrong thing that happens. If this person has the habit of blowing everything out of proportion and is just trying to see the negative aspects of things, then it is definitely a sign of emotional abuse. One of the early signs of emotional abuse is when your partner gets jealous even when you talk to another man, this man may not necessarily be a friend, it could also be just a shopkeeper or a taxi driver.

Every time you cook food or try to do something nice, you are walking on egg shells, because your partner may have something bad to say about what you have done. Sounds familiar! This is one of the signs of emotional verbal use where the abuser may be constantly critical of what the victim does and may also indulge in name calling and eventually make the victim feel that she is really not good at anything.

When the partner tries to hurl hurtful words at you or the kids at home, because he has extra pressure at work or because according to him it is just normal to behave like that, it surely a sign of verbal abuse.

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How To Recognise Verbal Or Emotional Abuse