What Is Mental Or Emotional Abuse Of A Patient ?

What Is Mental Or Emotional Abuse Of A Patient ?

A mental or an emotional abuse is much more torturous than any physical abuse. Although it is hard to define what a mental or an emotional abuse is, it has the power to change the victim’s life. Imagine a life where a person is always either criticized or snubbed.

He or she is put out to face the rage or dominated and controlled. Diminishing their own image, threatening them, correcting them always may sound quite mild. But are they really mild issues? Ask the victim who are the living examples and who have gone through such emotional torture. 

No one holds a right to dominate or control and over power someone. It lowers the self-esteem of a person who is already suffering from inferiority complex feelings. Such people are unable to live a normal life and lack behind in creativity and enthusiasm. It all normally begins at home where one learns about gender and their respective behaviors. If noticed, emotional abuse has always been there right from their childhood. When one learns to respect a relation, there is no place for any abuse. No one would like to either abuse or be abused. But an abuse is an abuse. It only escalates with time as it passes by.

A normal person is made to lead a patient’s life when mentally or emotionally abused. It is the weakness of a person that is being taken advantage and is abused. A patient loses their self-confidence. When a patient is not attended by a caretaker or is being rude, it is also an abuse.

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What Is Mental Or Emotional Abuse Of A Patient