How To Tell Husband Of Sexual Abuse ?

How To Tell Husband Of Sexual Abuse ?

Life is a bed of roses. Unfortunately, roses come with prickly thorns. As we move ahead in life, we leave behind us our impressions and collect a lot of memories on the way ahead. These memories need not always be very good. Some of us have some of the worst memories that are part of the daily nightmares. Some of them have been sexually abused.

As they move ahead, they repress them, keep them tight inside, act as if they are very normal and happy, and on the way, they meet their life partners and marry them. But, it is very difficult to run away from anything, especially your past. Sexual abuse can very well form an invisible wall between you and your husband, while in bed, without even realizing it, until one day, it grows to such a large extent that you cannot seem to go beyond it.

Many women, who have been victimized by sexual abuse, have let themselves drown in shame and seem to find it hard to face their fears and get over their insecurities. A lot of times, they believe they are to blame somehow. The first things they need to do to help themselves and get over their nightmares is to share it with their life partner, who would know them the best and possibly apply balm over their wounds.

Share it with your spouse; explain what had happened and how it happened. There is absolutely nothing wrong in expressing grief and shock over the incident. That way, you will let it go, and your nightmares will be over, once and for all.

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How To Tell Husband Of Sexual Abuse