How Does Smoking Affect The Circulatory System ?

How Does Smoking Affect The Circulatory System ?

Everyone is aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health. What most do not know is to what extent, and how exactly it affects your health.

The smoke of tobacco will lessen the oxygen in the blood. Therefore, less than adequate oxygen is supplied to the tissues and organs of the body. You can also say that it makes the blood toxic. This is mainly due to the blood absorbing the harmful carbon monoxide given by the fumes. Carbon monoxide will take the place of oxygen in the blood.

Smoking also constricts the blood vessels. So, the heart will have to work more, and this, in turn, will raise the blood pressure. It might even increase your chances of a heart failure. One even faces the risk of increased blood clots. This is due to altered nature of the blood, which becomes stickier. 

Your brain also stands to lose by getting very little flow of blood. This might make you more vulnerable to ischemic stroke.

Smokers are also prone to damages in the walls of the arteries. This will give rise to atherosclerosis which is a condition where excessive fat is deposited on the walls of the arteries. This might eventually form blocks and might result in cardiac arrest and stroke. 

The blood vessels in the skin can become tight, and result in lowered skin temperature.  There is also a reduction in the flow of blood to toes and fingers.

The statistics are also alarming. It is estimated that one out of every five smoking related deaths is due to damaged circulatory system.

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How Does Smoking Affect The Circulatory System