How To Increase Blood Flow To The Brain ?  

Brain regulates every single voluntary and involuntary action/movement and thought in our body. It is extremely critical for this vital organ to get adequate amount of blood supply. Blood carries essential nutrients and nourishes the brain. It also provides oxygen to the brain (imperative for keeping the brain alert and active).

In Alzheimer’s disease, there is obstruction of blood flow to the brain. This leads to decrease in the amount of blood glucose that provides ATP or energy to the brain. A blockage leads to the formation of sticky protein clumps leading to Alzheimer’s disease.

There are numerous ways to increase blood supply to the brain. Exercise or any type of physical activity will force the heart to pump more blood than it normally does. Foods also play a crucial role in increasing blood supply to the brain.

Avocados are excellent in improving the functioning of the heart. This in turn helps in proper circulation of blood to the brain. Vitamin C rich fruits like oranges help in improving the functioning of the artery walls of the heart. It also has several healing properties and prevents plaque formation. Numerous fishes like salmon are extremely rich in omega 3 fatty acid, a component that automatically improves the functioning of the heart, lowers cholesterol and improves the heart’s functioning. Ginger has numerous anti bacterial properties. It improves the person’s immunity and accelerates the blood flow to different organs in the body.

For all chocolate lovers out there, did you know that dark chocolate has numerous health benefits? Surprised? Dark chocolate has cocoa, which stimulates blood circulation, removes blood clots and acts as an antioxidant removing free radicals out of the body. It prevents stroke and improves brain functioning. Beet juice is also found to be effective in increasing blood flow to the brain.

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How To Increase Blood Flow To The Brain ?




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