How Do You Know If You Have Lung Cancer ?  

Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer to occur in men and women. It was the number one killer disease in the United States of America in the year 2004. Only one-fourth of people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer can survive beyond five years of diagnosis.

One of the main reasons for lung cancer is smoking, and there is no proof that smoking so-called light or mild cigarettes can reduce the chances of cancer actually. The more a person smokes and the longer the time period they smoke, the greater the chances are of getting cancer of the lungs. Taking in secondhand smoke is also one of the biggest causes of lung cancer. There are some environmental causes like high levels of pollution and exposure to asbestos, nickel and arsenic compounds and petroleum products that can cause lung cancer.

There are several signs and symptoms of lung cancer and if you have the habit if smoking and developing such symptoms then you should visit a doctor immediately. If you develop a different type of cough, other than the normal one, which is persistent and getting worse, then it is one of the signs. Coughing up blood, pain in the chest area, frequent shortness of breath and constant fatigue are symptoms of cancer of the lungs. Appetite loss, unintended loss of weight, and hoarseness of voice are other symptoms. You may also experience trouble swallowing, and may develop pneumonia when the cancer is progressing. However, lung cancer can only be diagnosed using a biopsy of the lung tissue.

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How Do You Know If You Have Lung Cancer ?




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How Do You Know If You Have Lung Cancer ? )
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