Calcium And The Digestive System

Calcium And The Digestive System

Yet another reason to drink milk is that calcium in the milk is good for the well being of the digestive system. Studies reveal that the more calcium you take, the less chance for cancers of the digestive system to attack you.

You lower your risk by as much as 16 percent. For women, it is up to 23 percent. This is seen especially for colorectal cancers.  Adults who take in the required amount of calcium are less prone than their counterparts who do not include calcium in their diets.

Therefore, it is recommended that people over 50 to take in around 1200 mg of calcium per day. Women can take as much as 1300 mg daily. It is also best in everyone’s interests to take 3 cups of low-fat or fatless dairy products. Calcium is also present in meat and vegetables.

Calcium that we consume is converted it into a salt by the stomach. Then when it passes the duodenum maximum absorption takes place. The unabsorbed calcium is expelled out of the body by the feces. 

Milk, which is a main source of calcium, has a sugar called lactose. This lactose aids in the absorption of calcium. So drink lots of milk. Vitamin D is another vital element crucial for absorption. Calcium absorption is further enhanced by the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland and the parathyroid hormone. Avoid high amounts of magnesium and oxalates which hinder the absorption. 

Only a third of the calcium that is consumed is actually absorbed by the digestive system. It is the kidney that absorbs the rest of the calcium.

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Calcium And The Digestive System