How Many Teeth Do Humans Have

How Many Teeth Do Humans Have ?

Teeth are one of the most important organs in our body. Apart from helping us bite and chew food, they also help us in communicating with each other, a feature crucial for our survival. They also add beauty boosting our physical appearance and therefore perform multiple functions at once.

Humans have three different types of teeth. They are:

  • Incisors: These are found in the front and are called “biting teeth”. They are four in number and wedge shaped.
  • Canines: They are used for tearing foodstuffs. They are sharp and pointed. Each jaw has two canines on either side.
  • Molars: These are further divided in to pre molars and molars. They are primarily responsible for grinding and masticating food. There are six molars and four pre molars on each jaw.

An adult human therefore has 28 teeth, which are functional. An adult also has four wisdom teeth, two on each jaw. These were used by our ancestors but have become rudimentary and functionless these days. They do not have any function as such and are not necessarily present in every individual. However, an adult generally has a total of 32 teeth. These are called permanent teeth and cannot be replaced.

A baby on the other hand develops his/her first tooth at the age of six months. By the time he/she is two, the child will have 20 temporary milk teeth, which will be replaced slowly with permanent teeth. When the child in twelve, there will be complete replacement of temporary teeth with permanent ones.

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How Many Teeth Do Humans Have