Pituitary Gland Supplements

Pituitary Gland Supplements

The pituitary gland is a master gland in our body which controls the functioning of all the other endocrine glands. Secretion of the growth hormone is controlled by this gland. With age, the production of the hormone slows down causing old-age problems like loss of memory, accumulation of fats, and decrease in functioning of various organs. One can avoid or lessen the effects of these problems by stimulating the gland.

A regular exercise routine which is comfortable and non-strenuous is the natural way to keep the gland stimulated. The exercise should aim at keeping the body parts moving. Walking up the stairs instead of using lifts, walking few yards to the grocery from the parking are few options. Yoga is considered ideal since it involves stretching and promotes relaxation.

Maintaining proper weight of the body helps in stimulating the gland. One should indulge in a healthy and balanced dietary intake for attaining proper body weight. A neat balance of good diet with exercise is ideal.

Protein intake is believed to stimulate the functioning of the gland. This increase should be indulged into only on consultation with the physician especially for people already having medical conditions like kidney disorders which will need the individual to reduce protein intake.

Herbal supplements are regarded suitable in stimulation of the pituitary gland. Some of them are alfalfa, gotu kola and ginseng. A person already under medication for any problem should take these herbal supplements only after consulting the doctor since this may affect the effects of the medicines.

If natural or herbal remedies are not effective, the doctors may prescribe other medicines in order to stimulate the gland.

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Pituitary Gland Supplements