Effect Of Cancer On Immune System  

Cancer is group of more than one hundred diverse infections. A case of cancer arises when cells develop into abnormalities, and start dividing and forming more cells rampantly, without any control or order. Signs of this growth include a loss in the cell's characteristic form and boundaries.

The immune system, as a unit, is like an inside "resistance force" or "resistance organism" of defensive cells within the body. This goes to show that the effect of cancer on the human immune system could be devastating as it would tend to invade the stronghold maintained by the body immune system.

What cancer actually does is that it diminishes the immune system by diffusing into the bone marrow where the cells that facilitate the fight against infections are made. Though this is peculiar to lymphoma commonly called “leukemia”, it can transpire among other cancers too. With the infiltration of the cancer into the bone marrow, the latter stops the production of many blood cells, which are needed to fight germs and bacteria. This, hence, weakens the body’s immune system.

Do not forget that the inception of cancer means the commencement of treatment. The remedial treatment for cancer is widely known to be chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. As such, it is also an acknowledged fact that the treatment leads to a fall in the amount of white blood cells which are produced in the bone marrow, thus the weakening of the immune system. Besides this, radiotherapy to the lung can temporarily dent the hairs and mucus-making cells that aid in the eradication of bacteria.

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Effect Of Cancer On Immune System




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