High leukocytes in urine - What is leukocytes? - Where are leukocytes made?

What Is Leukocytes ?

Leukocyte is basically the medical term that refers to the white blood cells. These cells are responsible for short term as well as long term protection of the human body against all kinds of infections.

What Is Leukocytes

Whenever a person faces threat from any of the pathogens, polymorphonuclear leukocyte is known for its role to come to the rescue of the body in such cases. There are again several other cells coming under this kind of white blood cells. They are likely to get elevated once they detect possibilities of any infection within the human body.More...


Where Are Leukocytes Made ?

Where Are Leukocytes Made

Leukocytes most commonly known as the white blood cells as the latter sounds quite easier to people as compared to the scientific name are responsible towards providing protection to the human body against any disease or say an infection. Apart from safeguarding the body against such infections and ailments, they are also responsible for fighting infections caused by any foreign thing for instance the bacteria or any other germs.

Leukocytes which are called so in the medical term refers to the white blood cells found within the human body. They are colorless or white due to the non availability of hemoglobin which actually is the basis of color in blood. They are symmetrical in shape and comprise of a nucleus, and are much larger as compared to the red blood cells. They are capable of changing their shapes and fitting into the walls of the blood vessels as well as between various other cells.More...


High Leukocytes In Urine

High Leukocytes In Urine

Urinary system includes the kidneys, bladder, urethra and the ureter. If in case any diagnosis or tests indicate high leukocytes in urine, it indicates the development of an infection in the urine system. Leukocytes are actually the white blood cells meant for combating infections within the human body, but their presence in urine may represent some bacterial invasion.

These invasions or infections caused by them are actually diagnosed during urinalysis and is likely to affect the kidneys or the bladder region and in some cases, it may affect both of them. The normal leukocyte levels in the urine are anything between 0 and 10 lev/vl but in case these levels are exceeded till 20 lev/vl then there are various issues that might come up.More...