How To Increase Lymphocytes ?  

Lymphocytes or mono-morphonuclear lymphocytes are the cells which are located in the lymphatic tissues and the blood. They are borne out of the stem cells from which all the other blood cells also arise. Their main function is to deal provide immunity to the body.

The normal count of lymphocytes in a healthy body is 1200-3200 lymphocytes per 1 ml of blood. Now, an increase in the count of lymphocytes shows that there is an increase in participation of them among the leucocytes, a kind of white blood cells as compared to its other types, namely the monocytes and the granulocytes. A general increase in the count of lymphocytes is termed lymphocytosis. However, if the count of lymphocyte increases significantly, then it is not a good sign as it indicates viral infection. In fact, in some cases, leukemias are detected when the lymphocyte count rises abnormally.

The count of lymphocytes should only be increased only when it goes well below the normal range. A normal decrease in lymphocyte count is called lymphocytopenia, but when it becomes acute, medical attention is needed. Since lymphocytes are mainly associated with maintaining immunity in the body, it is obvious that loss in its count will result in the body’s immunity system getting badly affected.

Lymphocyte count decreases as we grow older and also if we have undergone a major surgery or treatment like the chemotherapy. The drugs used for chemotherapy specifically target the lymphocytes. So after the session, the patient becomes more vulnerable. There are a few exercise programs which the patient should follow to combat this situation and increase the lymphocyte count of his body.

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How To Increase Lymphocytes




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