Foods To Strengthen Tendons

Foods To Strengthen Tendons

Tendons are made up of connective tissues and they join the bones and the muscles. They are made up of collagen and elastin. The tendons can be maintained in good health by consuming foods that are high in collagen. Foods that are good for connective tissues are meat and some of the other animal products, such as fish and eggs. Even soups like chicken soup, tendon soup and ribs stocks are considered to be good for the tendons.  


Collagen forms from proteins, which are present in almost all kinds of tissues, such as tendons, fascia and the skin. Most of the modern processed foods exclude fat from the animal skin. Also, most dieticians prefer that people eat lean meat. However, these meats lack the collagen required to keep the tendons in good health.  If a person is a picky eater, they can add soups that are made from ones which are healthy and suit the needs of diet conscious people.

Glucosamine sulfate is required for repairing the tendons and other connective tissues. It is an amino acid which is found in sugars. You also find a rich source of it in raw parsley and spinach. Typically, most diets are high in sugar and people get adequate amounts of glucosamine sulfate.  

Vitamins and minerals taken in the right amount help all the parts of the body. They also help to strengthen the tendons and bones. Vitamin C helps to increase the amount of collagen, which is the basic building block of tendons. Vitamin D is also essential because it prevents conditions like tendinitis. Vitamin K helps the absorption of calcium. All these vitamins are available from several natural sources, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Every person needs exposure to sunlight to enhance natural production of Vitamin D in the skin. A well balanced diet comprising of vegetables and meats will take care of the vitamin and mineral needs of the body, and also help to strengthen the tendons.

Diets should also be coordinated with dairy products. Otherwise by only consuming meat, a person tends to have high levels of uric acid in the body. This acid can end up forming crystals that get accumulated in the tendons and other tissues, leading to painful conditions such as gout and stones in the kidneys. It is recommended by the College of Rheumatology to drink one or two glasses of milk every day to keep the uric acid levels in check. People with milk intolerance can also choose to have yoghurt or buttermilk instead. This will help to maintain and strengthen the tendons.

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