Points To Relax The Nervous System

Points To Relax The Nervous System

When one’s nervous system is overworked, it results in a person getting overexcited, irritated, or the person just cannot relax. There are a few simple tips to help relax and soothe the nervous system.

The simplest and most efficient way to relax is to take in deep breaths. One of the most efficient ways to learn the art of breathing is to do Yoga. The basic level in Yoga teaches one the correct procedure to breathe right. Few classes of Yoga will make controlled, slow and deep breathing a part of one’s life.  Not only does this help one relax, but also helps to cleanse the system, relieve stress and help proper functioning of some endocrine glands. 

Some essential oils like Petitgrain, Orange, Thyme, Lemongrass and Clarysage will help relax the mind. By adding a few drops of any one of these aromatic oils to the bath water will help to calm you down.

When one exercises, it is important to get the nervous system to relax afterwards. Some find that exercising late in the evening keeps them awake at night. So, exercising early in the day is a better idea. Also, to get a good night sleep one might try a cup of hot milk and a warm bath. 

The nervous system can be soothed by listening to classical music. Listening to soft music in a room dim light is very effective. One can choose a comfortable chair or can even lie down. Troubled mind can be made to relax by deliberately thinking of nice things like imagining a fun vacation in some sandy beach. 

Trying these techniques whenever you feel the nervous system needs to get a rest can be helpful.

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Points To Relax The Nervous System