How Does Smoking Affect The Respiratory System ?

How Does Smoking Affect The Respiratory System ?

Smoking is one of the most common addictive habits seen among adults of both the sexes. It is so common that one finds smokers almost everywhere they go. For example, there are special lounges and rooms for smokers in public places like the airport. This is one of the sad aspects of modern life. Smokers are everywhere and it is difficult to find a place where there is respite from the harmful affects of tobacco smoke.

Smoking is a very dangerous and bad habit. There are many adverse implications it can have on one’s health. There are countless cases where people have died due to smoking. Smokers smoke to relax, and believe it to be a fashion statement to attract people of opposite sex.

Although smoking adversely affects the overall health of a person, it particularly targets the respiratory system. Smokers can suffer from chronic cough, shortness of breath, and dry mouth. Smoking can also lead to serious diseases like emphysema and lung cancer.

The effects of nicotine are very injurious to health, and give rise to serious health complications like emphysema. Nicotine has adverse effects on the blood flow, and the trachea and the wind pipe are damaged by the constant inhalation of tobacco smoke. Emphysema is a natural response of the human immune system to smoking. Emphysema causes collapse of lung tissue and damages the alveoli of the lungs. The disease occurs gradually and that is why most smokers do not realize that they have emphysema until the disease reaches the final stage where it is incurable.

Smoking is also known to cause cancers, especially lung cancer, in people. It is a good idea to avoid it as much as possible. Even passive smokers are affected in ways that are inexplicable and harmful to the health. There are many cases of people suffering due to passive smoking. Therefore, it is important not to stay near anyone who smokes as it is important to not smoke.

The effects of smoking on the respiratory system can be damaging. One of the most common dangers is getting cancer in the lung which is known to take the life of most patients.

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How Does Smoking Affect The Respiratory System