Unhealthy Behaviors For The Respiratory System  

The respiratory system is arguably one of the most important parts of our body. The chances of our body not breathing air at any given moment are very low, because we always keep breathing, no matter day or night. This makes it all the more important to realize that we need to take care of this system, and give it the necessary due that it requires.

The responsibility that we have over all of our body is also having a major chunk as the responsibility that we owe over the respiratory system.

Many people like to use their body and in the process, end up abusing it. The chances of us doing such things are very high. For example, do we even think once, leave alone thinking twice, before doing something such as smoking or drinking alcohol? No. What about other things such as drugs, unsafe sex, polluted air, polluted water and so on?

Of all these dangers, perhaps the most important ones that we need to heed are the smoking and drinking problems that people have. Cigarette contains nicotine, which is bad for health. This is part of the damaging process that we so readily do to our system. There are other reactions from the lungs and the diaphragm that are repulsive to smoking. However, continuous usage of smoke and nicotine even drives those immune repulses to their limits and they are broken. This would lead to such things as lung cancer. The problem with alcohol drinking is also similar. There are many ill effects of alcohol, the most prominent being damage to the liver. But few people realize that it also affects the respiratory system. Thus, it is important to avoid unhealthy behaviors for our precious respiratory system

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Unhealthy Behaviors For The Respiratory System




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