Is There Special Meaning To Birthmarks ?  

Birthmarks according to folklore are caused by unsatisfied wishes of the woman during pregnancy. There are several myths associated with the birthmarks; either the pregnant woman observes something strange or there is fear in her mind. There is no scientific basis for any of these myths.

It is usually the human mind that is fertile with imagination and anything that is out of the ordinary is being linked with some unusual happenings and these incidents are used to put the idea of fear in the minds of people.

There are people who try to associate birthmarks with omens. Some such omens are given below.

The meaning of moles and birthmarks are linked with their location in the body.

  • Abdomen – The person is greedy and selfish
  • Ankle – For a man it represents refinement. For a woman, it stands for energy and independence.
  • Arm – If it is on the right arm, it means success. It represents financial problems if it is on left arm.
  • Back – An honest person with an open mind with some arrogance and sensuality.
  • Breast – Birthmark on the left side of the breast stands for success, on the right side of the breast extremes of fortune and at the center of the breast the person will not enjoy luxury.
  • Cheek – A birthmark on the right cheek predicts a happy marriage. If it is closer to the mouth, then the person will have great wealth and happiness. If it is on the left cheek, the person will get into financial difficulties.
  • Chin – A birthmark on the chin, the person will be successful.
  • Foot – A birthmark on the right foot represents love for traveling and a person with birthmark on the left foot is an intellectual.
  • Forehead – If the birthmark is on the right side, then the person has great mental power and if it is on the left side, the person likes to spend a lot of money. If the birthmark is right in the middle of the forehead, the person is attractive to the opposite sex and has many love affairs.

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Is There Special Meaning To Birthmarks ?




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